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产线EWK CD VV检重称

Fully encased checkweigher for the food industry. Through its IP65 protection class, cleaning with a water hose is no problem at all.

  • EMFC high-resolution weigh cell technology offering a high throughput combined with maximum accuracy
  • Optional Weight & Measures appproval
  • Maximum throughput of 600 pcs. per minute
  • Weighing capacity: up to 20 kg
  • Optionally available as all-stainless-steel version
  • Possibility for integrating a Vistus metal detector, even after initial installation
  • Weight: approx. 320 kg (depending on configuration)


Technical Data 10 kg 20 kg
Weighing range (kg) Up to 10 kg Up to 20 kg
Smallest calibration value (g) 1 2
Throughput (pcs/min) Up to 600 Up to 600
Working height 600 mm - 1,000 mm 600 mm - 1,000 mm
Protection Rating IP 54 (standard), IP65 (optional) IP 54 (standard), IP65 (optional)



了解更多 :
客户服务中心:020-85578695, 85546033





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