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NEW! No chance for lateral forces with the hygienic weighing module Novego


With the new weighing module, Minebea Intec provides an innovative, hygienic and robust solution for weighing containers. In addition, during development there was a focus on simple installation. The hygienically-designed, long-lasting weighing module is now recommended for a range of industries.


What distinguishes Minebea’s hygienic weighing module Novego above all is its overall performance. A variety of constructive details following EHEDG guidelines minimises soiling and provides an efficient cleaning process. Particularly noteworthy examples include the minimising of horizontal surfaces, low surface roughness or the use of FDA compliant silicones. Another plus for long product lifetime is, amongst other things, an extraordinarily corrosion resistant 1.4418 stainless steel that is new to weighing technology. The innovative product design along with the selection of high-quality materials makes Novego highly resistant to soiling, corrosion and aggressive cleaning materials.


The robustness of the weighing module is particularly impressive. “Uniquely in the market, Novego guarantees measuring accuracy even when there are lateral forces of up to 20 percent of the load”, explains Frank Wieland, CSO of Minebea Intec. “The remarkable resistance to transverse forces is ideal for weighing such things as mixers, as shortfalls can be discounted. The load cell’s six strain gauges guarantee a high level of C3 measuring accuracy according to OIML R60.”

这个称重模块有着令人惊异的坚固度。“即使测向力高达负载的20%Novego也能保证测量精度,这在市场上是非常独特的。”茵泰科的首席销售官Frank Wieland说,“这样的抗翻转能力,特别适用于搅拌器的称重,不会发生倾覆。这个传感器有六个应变片,保证了OIML R60下的C3精度等级。”

Novego is also easy to install. The weighing module consists of three components: adapter plate, load cell and pendulum base. All three components can be individually selected from a range, according to requirements. There are innovative details to be found here too: the integrated 360 degree fixing makes incorrect assembly impossible and negates the need for time-intensive guide adjustment. The pendulum base is also available with integrated inclination correction for assembly on sloped surfaces. There is also integrated height adjustment of up to 8 centimetres to balance the container feet.


The weighing module is especially suitable for use in the production of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. A film about the product as well as additional information can be found on the manufacturer’s website: www.minebea-intec.com.


Image material


A hygienic complete solution: The weighing module Novego is a load cell and mounting kit in one


Particularly easy installation is provided by features such as integrated height adjustment.





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